Friday, February 25, 2011

Pink By Design Stamp of The Month DT Day

Hello Friends,
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Now on Wednesday I told you all that I would have a super fantastic project for all of you to see. Well here it is:

This is The Stamp of The Month Design Team Friday, over at And I wanted to step out of my Card making box a little. I saw a project in Simply HandMade where sentiments were being stamped into Polymere clay. I knew this was something I just had to try. I think this could open up some new doors for us as far as gifts. Im thinking coasters, ornaments, jewelry, home decor all using stamps! Exciting right?
Now for this project you will need, magnets, polymere clay ( I used Skulpy), polymere clay glaze, a paint brush to apply the glaze,& a shape cutter of some sorts. I used a fondant cutter. You will also need StazOn ink, and of course the stamp of the month from Pink By Design.

1. Roll out and cut a square from polymer clay. (1/4 inch thick)
2. Stamp a sentiment in the square using StazOn ink. ( I prefered to bake the square first, then stamp it after it cooled, you can do it either way).
3. Bake the magnet at 275 degrees 15 min for every 1/4 of thickness or according to your polymere clay directions. ( It should be hard)
4. When cool, you can color in your sentiment as I did on one of magnets using Copics, Or Bic Mark it Alls. You can also use markers to define the sentiment or images. You can either bake it again for another 5-7 min, or let the ink air dry.
5. Apply Glaze over the magnet, (you could probally even sprinkle these with glitter) and air dry.
6. Hot glue magnet to back of square base.

Extra tips, Warm up the clay in your hands and roll a ball, but not to warm. You can use a glass to roll out the clay, and be sure to roll it out on a non stick surface. I used wax paper. Also that cute little cricut spatula comes in handy when removing the wet magnet from the wax paper :)

Im so excited to start to see people do more of these, and I think I will be making some for Mother's and Father's Day!

Have a Fab Friday!!


Pink Cricut said...

LOVE them! But, you already knew that!! I think everyone should make these for gifts-- I used my cricut spatula too!

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