Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Hello :) Wendi FINALLY checking in...

Hello from the silent one of this wonderful blog... Im Wendi *pageant waves*

Let me start by saying... I couldnt have a more wonderful friend than Meriah. Not only is she a TALENTED beyond measure card maker/ cricut diva / blogger ... but she has the biggest heart for those she loves.
Thank you Meriah for being my leaning post, voice, friend. You inspire me... not to mention... I have created a scrappin MONSTER with her! LOL!!! (yay!)

I apologize for my lack of participation in posting. I am a real person... I promise lol.
Life sometimes takes turns we are never expecting and it takes a while to get our feet firmly under us again. Its during these times that we learn the most about ourselves by how we work through these turns. Scrapbooking and the whole memory capturing process has always been my saving grace... such healing and therapeutic things come from it. Im slowly but surely getting back where its a comfort for me. (I know Meriah... its about timeuh! LOL) I have also learned that not all of our stories are going to be happy rainbows and butterflies but are the same part of our legacy as any. That is what this hobby is all about... and I miss that.
That said, I hope to start helping my BFF around here more... being more of a voice with her and not just a ghostly figure behind the scenes .*enter twilight zone music*..
Thank you to all of you who follow this blog and congratulations to those have come to learn what a wonderful person Meriah is.
Now.. lets have some fun :) ....


Scrappy Mel said...

Yay, Wendi!! It's so good to hear from you, I hope you have fun posting and feel up to doing it more often! {{{ HUGS }}}

Pink Cricut said...

Hi Wendi! I am so glad to read a little about you! Meriah is awesome, but we've also heard awesome things about you as well! :)
I can't wait to see and hear more from you!!

More Than Favors said...

OMG!!!! Wendi!!! We Love Meriah! Can I move her to Miami? you can come with her? In all seriousness though... Happy to see that you are real and cant wait to see more of your work!

Mari AKA Momo said...

Hi Wendi!!!! We missed you doll!!! Love you and take your time to heal! We will be here! XOXO Momo

Summer said...

Yea! We all cannot wait to see what you do!

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